Don’t Be Shocked When We Guess Your Age Based On The Condiments You’ve Tried

Condiments are a ubiquitous presence on dining tables and in kitchens everywhere the planet . There are certain condiments and sauces that you simply should wear hand. Whether it’s a light-weight drizzle during cooking, or used as a dip for finger foods and breads, a dollop or sprinkling of your favorite condiment can instantly add a touch pizazz to an otherwise bland dish. Every condiment has its own flavor profile that, when used appropriately, may complement a specific dish and elevate it to new heights.
Not only do condiments serve to reinforce the taste of a dish, but they’ll even be wont to add some color or texture to the food. Let this quiz function a source of inspiration for your next meal. At an equivalent time, have some fun with it to ascertain what your experience with the foremost common and a few not-so-common condiments can reveal about you!


Yellow mustard?


Hollandaise sauce?

What about Sriracha hot sauce?

Let's start with the basics. Have you tried ketchup?


What about salsa?

How about wasabi?

How about fish sauce?

What about tartar sauce?

Ranch dressing?


Honey mustard?

Ever tried barbecue sauce?

Dijon mustard sauce?

Don’t Be Shocked When We Guess Your Age Based On The Condiments You’ve Tried
You got: 39!

You are in your 30s. Am I right?
You got: Unknown!

You did it, you broke the quiz. We could not accurately tell what your age is just based on your experience with sauces and condiments. Your official age is unknown.

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