The Food Combos You Love And Hate Will Reveal Your Mental Age

Peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, chocolate and strawberries, fish and chips… some food combinations are just meant to be together, sort of a match made in heaven. albeit certain food pairings could seem incompatible or simply plain bizarre initially , they find yourself working alright together and their whole becomes greater than the sum of their parts. Then there are the more wacky pairings, like soy on frozen dessert , mayo on pizza, and Cheetos and milk, whose very existence raises numerous questions.
In this quiz, we specialise in a number of the foremost common combinations of foods in various cuisines. Some foods complement one another really nicely as one dish, and others… well, it’s really up to you to make a decision . So whatever food combo you’re keen on to eat, rate it accordingly, and we’ll determine your age . If you recognize of a vegan or vegetarian alternative to the food combo, it counts too.


How do you feel about cheese and crackers?

Do you like dunking Oreos in milk?

How do you feel about surf and turf?

Could you go for some chocolate and peanut butter cups right about now?

Are you a fan of sweet potato casserole with marshmallows?

Is there a special place in your heart (and your stomach) for rice and beans?

What are your thoughts on bacon and eggs?

And finally do you love or hate mac and cheese?

Do you like bagels with cream cheese?

What about apple pie and ice cream?

Are you partial to peanut butter and jelly?

Pizza and beer, yea or nay?

How do you feel about chicken and waffles?

Do you have a liking for grilled cheese and tomato soup?

Does avocado on toast sound yummy or yucky?

How do you feel about fish and chips?

Are you partial to coffee and doughnuts?

Are you partial to strawberries and chocolate?

How do you feel about spaghetti and meatballs?

Do you love a burger and fries combo?

The Food Combos You Love And Hate Will Reveal Your Mental Age
You got: 35!

You eat like a 35-year-old!
You got: 88!

You eat like an 88-year-old!
You got: 11!

You eat like an 11-year-old!
You got: 24!

You eat like a 24-year-old!

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