What % Dateable Are You?

Do you ever sit and believe whether you’re good dating material? Being dateable makes someone worth lecture beyond the primary meeting, and therefore the truth is that nobody is what you’d concede to be dateable.
This doesn’t mean there isn’t someone for everybody or that not being good dating material will cause a lifetime of loneliness and despair. But it’s going to mean that it’s difficult for people so far you or want so far you. It doesn’t say anything about how you’ll do being during a relationship, that’s something else entirely; what makes someone dateable doesn’t necessarily make them relationship material and the other way around .
Sure, everyone has his or her own particular set of qualities they’re trying to find during a potential partner, but some things are pretty universal, and if you’ve got these, you instantly become more dateable. If you would like to seek out out exactly how dateable you’re , take this quiz, and we’ll allow you to know.


How long do you take to get ready for a date?

What do you look for in a potential romantic partner?

Select your ideal date location from the options listed below.

What style of fashion do you prefer?

What do you consider to be an appropriate age difference between two people dating each other?

What mode of transportation do you prefer to use while on a date?

Scenario: You receive an important text message while on a date. When do you reply the text?

How long should you wait after a date to contact the person again?

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic?

How long does it typically take for you to get over a breakup?

How should you and your date decide what to do?

How should you say goodnight to your date?

Will you drink alcohol when on a date?

What do you feel is the best quality you have to offer a partner?

What do you feel is your worst quality as it concerns romance?

What % Dateable Are You?
You Are 53% Dateable!

Based on your answers, you are only 53% dateable. Sorry.
You Are 0% Dateable!

Wow, based on your answers nobody should date you... ever.
You Are 74% Dateable!

Based on your answers, you are 74% dateable. That's pretty good!

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