What % Stubborn Are You?

Some of us are often pretty stubborn from time to time. A stubborn person is one who refuses to budge from their opinion or position, regardless of what proportion evidence exists that they ought to do exactly that. To a particular extent, this is often a healthy function of a traditional person . We all got to believe in our own thoughts and actions, otherwise, we’d never be ready to do anything out of a crippling fear of failure. we’d like our egos, but sometimes they will go overboard and make us look silly. this is often what happens to stubborn people.
A stubborn person won’t change their opinion regardless of what and this is often an unfortunate mindset to be in. While we all need confidence, we also got to be flexible in our opinions so as to not do the incorrect thing over and once again . Take this quiz to seek out out how stubborn you actually are.


Scenario: You are meeting a friend at 12:00 but he or she doesn't show up until 12:15. Do you bring up the fact that they are late?

How often do you let someone else win an argument simply because you no longer want to argue?

Scenario: You are in a line queuing for something. Somebody that had been behind you has now gotten ahead of you. Do you confront the person?

How often is someone able to change your mind about something?

Scenario: After leaving a store, you notice the cashier didn't return you the correct change, leaving you short. Do you go back inside the store to get the correct amount of change?

Would you be willing to hurt your friend's feelings in order to prove yourself right in a debate or argument?

After a debate (or argument) how often do you think about what you should have or could have said?

Scenario: Someone offers to give you directions but you say you know how to find the location. You then get lost. Do you contact the person who offered to help you initially and ask for directions?

How do you normally own up to a mistake?

Would you rather be the boss or part of a team?

Do you feel your friends consider you stubborn?

You are on a movie review site and see that several people have given a movie you like bad reviews. How do you handle the situation?

When making a big decision in your life, how many people do you consult to get their opinion?

If your phone or other technological device starts to malfunction, how do you typically handle the situation?

How often do you find yourself having debates with people you do not know on social media?

What % Stubborn Are You?
You got: 50% Stubborn!

You are equal parts stubborn and compliant. That's not a bad way to be. You don't want to be too stubborn but there is a fine line between stubborn and assertive and you manage to walk it.
You got: 80% Stubborn!

You are pretty stubborn. You are not the most stubborn person ever, there are others far more stubborn, but you could still stand to be a little more open-minded.
You got: 100% Stubborn!

Based on your answers, you are 100% stubborn but if you don't agree with that, there is nothing we can say to convince you otherwise. Maybe try to keep an open mind sometimes?
You got: 0% Stubborn!

You are not stubborn at all. Being stubborn can often mean not taking a realistic look at a situation but you don't have to worry about that!

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