Are You More Logical Or Emotional?

Depending on your personality you would possibly be considered either more of an emotional or logical person. there’s an excellent deal of difference between these two sorts of people but despite this, they often get along quite well with each other .
The truth is we’d like both sorts of people within the world, if only in order that the opposite sort of person is kept in restraint . We wouldn’t need a world strictly governed by only reasoning people, but conversely, we wouldn’t need a world run only by emotional people either. Emotional people drive art and human connections while logical people often innovate through science and technology. Both have their strengths and are needed within the world.
If you’d wish to determine if you’re more of a logical or person then you’ll want to require this quiz, answer the questions contained within and that we will allow you to know.


If you were to get married, what type of wedding would you have?

How long does it take for you to get over a breakup?

In your opinion, is it better to save your money for a rainy day or spend it on the here and now?

Your boss wants you to stay late at work but you have plans with your romantic partner and/or friends. What do you say to your boss?

Would you be willing to tell a lie to your family and friends if someone paid you money to do so?

What type of animal would you most want to keep as a pet?

Is it okay to tell little white lies in order to protect someone's feelings?

What genre of movie do you prefer to see?

Would you risk the lives of 5 people just to possibly save 1 person?

Select your preferred method for dealing with conflict.

What motivates you the most out of the options listed below?

What do you want to happen to your body after you die?

Would you quit a job you love to take on a job you won't love as much but pays more?

Would you be willing to commit a terrible act if it meant that the world would be better off in the long run?

Which Star Trek character is the most competent at his job in your opinion?

Are You More Logical Or Emotional?
You are neither.
Based on your answers, you have no capacity for either logic or emotion. That must be challenging.
You are more logical.
Based on your answers, you are more logical than you are emotional.

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