Build Your Dream Home And We’ll Give You A Puppy To Live With

Designing your home to match your liking could seem easy, but it’s not as simple as you think that . On the one hand, you only want to select all the items you wish . On the opposite , you furthermore may want to get on trend and impress your house guests. it’s difficult to form everything close in an aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some decor tips to assist you out.
A modern combat neutrals are some things you ought to check out . Pick some natural-looking furniture and it’ll be easier for you to accent your space. Gold may be a good place to start out for your chairs, curtains, and rugs. Looking into varying pink tones to tug everything together is another great option for your home. Bright shapes is another trend you ought to follow, where you don’t got to be scared of bold patterns clashing. Instead, they are going hand in hand.
In this quiz, you get to select out every room in your dream home. Build it the way you envisioned it and that we will tell you which of them puppy would be an ideal companion for you to measure with!


Would you like a games room?

Pick out how your bathroom will look!

Pick the guest bathroom!

What would you do with your attic?

Finally, pick a kennel for your new pup!

How would you want your bedroom to be like?

What's your kitchen going to be like?

Choose a bedroom for your guests!

How does your living room look like?

What do you want on your front porch?

What do you want in your backyard?

How would you like your study to look?

What does your house look like from the outside?

What about a home gym?

What kind of environment will your house be in?

Build Your Dream Home And We’ll Give You A Puppy To Live With
You got: Boston Terrier!
Boston Terrier puppies usually stay shorter than a foot and a half, so they'd be perfect in your new home. As long as you bring them for their regular walks, they'll be as happy as can be!
You got: Chihuahua!
A Chihuahua puppy loves being close to its owner, so it'll stick with you. It doesn't really like strangers, so be wary when you have friends over!
You got: Shih Tzu!
By nature, the Shih Tzu is a friendly lapdog. This makes them great companions to you, your family, and even your guests!
You got: Dachshund!
The short legs of the Dachshund mean it can easily exercise indoors, making it a great house pet. Dachshunds are so lively that you get joy just from looking at them!

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