Can We Guess Your Age Based On How Often You Use These Apps?

We have all heard the narrative repeatedly over about how millennials and Gen-Zers are hooked in to their smartphone. Many can’t go five minutes on faith Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever social networking app they’re using. increase that the multiple smart devices we’ve lately — tablets, smart TV, smartwatches, computers and laptops — it all adds up to several hours of screen time occupied by various apps during our waking hours every day .
Whether is it messaging, gaming, social media, streaming, or shopping, different age groups have their own habits once they use their apps. Compared to baby boomers, as an example , millennials are far more curious about discovering new apps, paying for apps, and making in-app payments.
As always, we will determine your age based solely on your app usage habits. Don’t believe us? Take this quiz, and going by the quantity of your time you spend on these popular apps, we’ll know what your age is.


Do you use the Starbucks app?

Facebook Messenger?

How often do you use Twitter?


How about Instagram?

What about Spotify?

Do you play Words with Friends?


How often do you use Uber or Lyft?

How about Reddit?



How often do you use TikTok?


What about VSCO?

Can We Guess Your Age Based On How Often You Use These Apps?
You got: 28-33!

You use apps like a millennial. You are into all the latest apps that help you in your daily life, be it for work, entertainment, shopping or travel. You enjoy streaming music, shows and movies across your mobile devices.
You got: 65 and over!

Yup. You're pretty old! You use apps like an old person, sticking with just the few safe apps to keep in touch with loved ones. You also like games that help keep the brain active, although you mostly shy away from the apps that the millennials and "kids these days" are using.

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