Pick Some Female Marvel Characters And We’ll Give You A Super Power

Women have always played essential roles in big-budget superhero films. Be it the doting love interest ganja, the super villain Hela, or the loyal team member spider, these iconic female characters have stolen the show. However, they’ve rarely been given the spotlight with lead roles in film. adult female has led the move, and now Marvel is following suit.
A new character which will be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain Marvel, the title character within the first female-led Marvel superhero movie. Also called Carol Danvers, the powerful figure are played by Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson. A spider standalone movie has also been announced, with Scarlett Johansson reprising her popular role. There has even been speak creating an all-female ensemble Marvel movie – basically a female Avengers’ flick!
If you’ve ever wanted to grasp which super power you’re meant to own, choose some female Marvel characters and you’ll unveil your super ability!


Which female character do you want to be your BFF?

Which female Marvel character would you set up on a blind date with your single friend?

Choose a Marvel love interest!

Pick a female superhero to be your neighborhood vigilante!

Which of these female characters do you want to meet?

Pick a female Marvel character who is underrated!

Pick the person whom you ship Spider-Man with!

Choose a mother figure you'd want in your life!

Pick a strong Marvel heroine you admire!

Which of these is the best female character?

Choose a cool female character.

Which woman is the fiercest one?

Pick a female character who stands out!

Which of these female X-Men members do you like most?

Finally, which all-female Marvel team is your fave?

Pick Some Female Marvel Characters And We’ll Give You A Super Power
You got: Super-strength!
We think you need the ability of super-strength, which allows you to lift and push anything, no matter how heavy.
You got: Shapeshifting!
We think you need the ability of shapeshifting, which allows you to change from one form to the exact copy of another, in a matter of seconds.
You got: Flying!
We think you need the ability to fly, being able to transport yourself anywhere through the skies.

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