What % Antisocial Are You?

You could be a really sociable person otherwise you might be someone who is taken into account antisocial by people . the sort of person you’re during this regard will determine much about your social life, career, family life and the way another people view you. Naturally, you shouldn’t concern yourself an excessive amount of with the opinions of others anyway but all an equivalent , this quiz will allow you to know if you’re antisocial or not.
People who are considered social butterflies may have tons of benefits in society. On the opposite hand, they will come off as quite annoying and tiresome to someone who is a smaller amount sociable or an introvert who would preferably be left alone.
If you’d wish to determine just how antisocial you’re , then have a go at this quiz, and that we will allow you to know exactly what percentage of your personality is antisocial.


What puts you most at ease when speaking with someone?

How many "best friends" do you have?

When do you find is the best time to leave a party?

You told your friends you don't want to go out that night but they are persistent in getting you to do just that. How do you handle the situation?

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

When do you feel is a reasonable amount of time to reply an email?

Which of the following professions is the most appealing to you?

What type of vacations do you enjoy the most?

If you were to work in Hollywood making movies, what job would you want to have?

If you have pets, how often do you talk to them out loud when nobody else is in the room?

How often do you answer phone calls that come from a blocked number or a number you do not recognize?

How important is social media in your life?

Where would you most want to spend some time with friends at?

Which of these sports would you be most interested in playing?

How often do your friends come to you for advice on their problems?

What % Antisocial Are You?
You're 75% Antisocial!

You have a hard time feeling deeply connected to people. Once you find a person that ticks all the right boxes, however, they become your partner in crime and you end up having the best of times together.
You're 50% Antisocial!

You're great at conversation and lead a pretty active social life, but you find it difficult to be with people all the time. You’re antisocial sometimes, and that’s fine. People are exhausting.
You're 0% Antisocial!

You are not antisocial in the least. You're a social butterfly and are always out with friends. You actually LIKE people.

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