What % Funny Are You?

If you’re reading this, there’s an honest chance you think that you’re really funny. you would possibly be right but you’ll even be wrong. Humor is subjective, meaning what’s funny to at least one person won’t necessarily be as funny to a different . So, you’ll make jokes that are considered hysterical by some but not funny in the least by others. that’s the folly of what we call humor.
There are some universally funny things, however. Some jokes and amusing situations transcend language, culture, and even experience. There also are people that are just generally seen as hilarious by an outsized percentage of individuals . Certain stand-up comedians and chat show hosts seem to be appreciated and popular with the overwhelming majority of our society.
Are you only as funny because the professionals or completely humorless? If you’d wish to know needless to say , then take this quiz, and that we will tell you exactly what percentage funny you actually are.


Do you ever tell jokes that you didn't come up with and pass them off as your own jokes?

SCENARIO: You've just thought of the funniest joke ever, where do you tell it?

In your group of friends, are you considered the funny one?

How often did you get in trouble at school for making jokes during class?

How often do you wear t-shirts with a funny slogan or saying on them?

Do you prefer to make fun of others or make fun of yourself?

Select a funny prank you are likely to play on a friend after they have fallen asleep.

In your opinion, what is the purpose of telling a joke?

Would you be willing to be roasted by professional comedians?

How often do you embellish stories to make them funnier?

Which is the funniest movie out of those listed below?

Are you able to do an impression of Christopher Walken?

Who do you believe is the funniest person of the options listed below?

You fall down in front of a large group of people who begin to laugh at you. How do you respond?

Is it appropriate to tell a joke at a funeral?

What % Funny Are You?
You are 100% Funny!
Wow, based on your answers you are 100% funny. There is nothing but funny in you!
You are 50% Funny!
Based on your answers, you are half funny!
You are 25% Funny!
Based on your answer, you have some humor in you but not much.

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