What % Happy Are You?

Being happy is arguably the aim of much of what we neutralize our lives. the top goal for several folks with what we do during our day-to-day lives is to get happiness for ourselves and people around us. For some, their own happiness comes from the well-being of others around them. This could be their family, a big other, close friends, or for the foremost altruistic in our society, the overall public at large. For others, the well-being of others doesn’t play as important a task in their own fulfilment. this will have both positive and negative effects for them and therefore the remainder of society.
It is near impossible for anyone to be happy all the time, and it’s perfectly natural when some things get us down. If you’d wish to skills happy you’re together with your life currently then you ought to take this quiz, and that we will allow you to know your exact happiness percentage.


Select the answer below which best describes your sleeping pattern.

Do you spend time writing negative reviews of companies, products, movies or articles online?

How often do you learn a new fact, skill, or subject?

When you have a problem in your life, who do you go to for advice?

Roughly what percentage of the day do you spend doing things you would rather not be doing?

How do you feel the younger version of yourself from the past would feel about the life you are living today?

Do you plan on making any big life changes in the next year?

Select the answer below which best describes your approach to money and finances.

Do you have something you are looking forward to doing today or tomorrow?

Do you enjoy spending time alone?

What mood best describes your feeling when you first wake up in the morning?

How often do you find yourself telling lies to friends, family, or co-workers?

How often do you binge eat out of stress?

Do you like your job (if you are working)?

How do you feel about your own level of physical attractiveness?

What % Happy Are You?
You Are 100% Happy!

You're happy and you know it. You have a genuine appreciation for the things you have and the people around you. That's amazing, keep doing what you're doing!
You Are 0% Happy.

You're down in the dumps right now, and that's okay. We're so sorry you're not feeling 100% right now. Just know that this storm will eventually pass, brighter days are to come. We hope you'll feel better real soon! Don't be afraid to ask someone in your life for help getting through this.
You Are 75% Happy!

You are mostly happy — that's so great! You have your bad days, sure, just like all of us, but you find that being happy is way easier than being sad.

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