How Trendy Were You Last Year?

For the longest time, it had been actually quite easy to be trendy. But the past year was quite possibly the foremost difficult year in recorded history to be hip. there have been only numerous cool choices an individual could make back before the explosion of the web started throwing trends at us from everywhere the planet and muddying the waters of what a trendy person actually is or seems like .
There were numerous trends last year that nobody person could have possibly followed all of them . there have been many people that tried, however, and wearing every fashionable outfit they might find, saw all the newest movies, and listened to the snazzy music from the foremost popular artists of the year.
If you’d wish to determine just how happening you were last year then you’ll want to require this quiz, and that we will allow you to know exactly how up so far or outdated you actually were.


Select the musical act you listen to the most.

What of the following have you worn at least once?

Did you buy a new phone in the past year?

Who would you rather hang out with from the list below?

How many documentaries related to the Fyre Festival have you seen?

If somebody refers to you as a GOAT, what have they said about you?

How many superhero movies did you see in the past year?

How important is social media in your life?

Did you wear any of the following outfits in the past year?

What franchise had a better year: Star Wars or Marvel??

How do you watch movies or TV shows at home?

Did you watch the movie The Irishman by Netflix?

Did you use any product this year which contained CBD as an ingredient?

Which musical artist are you most likely to listen to?

What did you think of the final season of Game of Thrones?

How Trendy Were You Last Year?
You were incredibly trendy!
Based on your answers, you were extremely trendy in the past year. Good on you!
You were the least trendy person of the year.
Based on your answers, we believe you were the least trendy person in the past year.
You were pretty trendy!
You weren't the trendiest, but you were still pretty trendy in the past year.

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