Plan A Man’s Outfit And We’ll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like

For anyone – men especially – it’s going to be a challenge to diversify one’s wardrobe on a limited budget. A man’s shopping options simply aren’t as varied as those of a woman’s. So, guys got to make more informed decisions when it involves clothes shopping. What are the essential items a man should have in his wardrobe?
A light jacket will feel breezy within the summertime and it’s easy to layer on top of during the winter. it’s very on trend too! A denim jacket is timeless so it works well as an outerwear option. With an equivalent reasoning, a dark pair of slim-fit jeans is flattering on any man and may be a versatile choice to match a proper or casual outfit.
In this quiz, plan the outfit of a man consistent with your personal tastes! supported your choices, you’ll determine what your next boyfriend are going to be like.


Which tee would you want this man to wear?

Would you want him to wear a sweater?

Or would you like a more casual approach to footwear?

Pick a nice belt to go with the look!

How about a pair of glasses to make him look smart?

Do you want him to wear a classy tie?

Or would you want him in some other kind of bottoms?

Which watch would go well on his arm?

Or would he be wearing a pair of sunglasses instead?

Would you want him in one of these shoes?

Which other kind of outerwear would suit him?

Do you want a cap on him?

Do you want him in jeans?

Which of these socks would best suit him?

Would you rather have him in a shirt?

Plan A Man’s Outfit And We’ll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like
You got: Hardworking!
Your next boyfriend is always putting his 100% into everything he's involved with, be it work, a healthy lifestyle, or your relationship. You'll never complain about the lack of effort with him because he gives his all, sometimes putting your effort to shame. But he never makes you feel bad when you're having an off day. Instead, he makes you feel better.
You got: Creative!
Your next boyfriend has a vivid imagination and thinks of the wildest and craziest ideas for things you could do together. You enjoy how exhilarating it feels to be with him. But he also applies his creativity when thinking of gifts for you. He comes up with the coolest surprises that you can proudly display on Instagram.
You got: Hilarious!
Your next boyfriend will leave you in stitches. Be it the jokes he tells or the physical comedy he exhibits, everything he does is amusing to you. He loves watching you smile and hearing you laugh so he pushes himself to be the comedian you deserve.
You got: Romantic!
Your next boyfriend will be the man of your dreams. Every time you watch a romance movie and question every gesture's practicality, you will be proven wrong by this guy who would do anything for you. He'll be the most charming and sweetest man, who constantly finds ways to sweep you off your feet.

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