Choose Between These Marvel Characters And We’ll Reveal Your Introvert/Extrovert Percentage

With the discharge of Avengers: Infinity War, the cast and crew behind the Marvel mega blockbuster are actively promoting the movie, without spoiling anything, of course! The cast even played Family Feud, during which the questions were supported Marvel characters and therefore the survey respondents were the fans.
If you had to settle on , which character would placed on the simplest concert? Answers like Thor, Iron Man, and even Groot were up there. But consistent with the results, most fans thought Star-Lord would be somebody performer. Understandably so, since Star-Lord is in tune together with his music choices. Another question was about which character would most fans want to require to prom. Characters like Shuri and Spider-Man were at the highest , but most chose Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier as their date! Who would you choose?
In this quiz, you get to make a decision who wins during a series of Marvel character face-offs. Your choices will help us determine how introverted and extroverted you really are.


Who would you choose: Magneto or Ant-Man?

Who would you choose: Vision or Quicksilver?

Who would you choose: Deadpool or Drax the Destroyer?

Who would you choose: Hawkeye or Yondu?

Who would you choose: Captain America or Winter Soldier?

Who would you choose: Falcon or Cyclops?

Who would you choose: Star-Lord or Wolverine?

Who would you choose: Black Panther or Erik Killmonger?

Who would you choose: Thor or Loki?

Who would you choose: Rocket Raccoon or Groot?

Who would you choose: Iron Man or Spider-Man?

Who would you choose: Storm or Doctor Strange?

Who would you choose: War Machine or The Hulk?

Who would you choose: Shuri or Mantis?

Who would you choose: Scarlet Witch or Black Widow?

Choose Between These Marvel Characters And We’ll Reveal Your Introvert/Extrovert Percentage
You got: 24% Introvert and 76% Extrovert!
You're much more of an extrovert than an introvert. You prefer being surrounded by people than being left alone with your thoughts. You think it's great to be able to meet new people.
You got: 86% Introvert and 14% Extrovert!
You're much more of an introvert than an extrovert. You prefer being by yourself mostly and you would rather not attend social events or gatherings.

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