Pick Your Last Meal And We’ll Tell You What Age You Will Live To

If you had the chance to select exactly what you’d want to eat for your last meal, what would you choose? this chance is given to convicts who are given the execution and has resulted in crazy requests.
An inmate on death house , Ronnie Lee Gardner, chose to possess a lobster , steak, apple pie, vanilla frozen dessert , and a cup of 7-Up, accompanying a showing of The Lord of the Rings. In contrast, Timothy McVeigh just asked for 2 pints of mint chocolate chip frozen dessert . The infamous Ted Bundy didn’t have a special request so he was given the quality meal – a medium rare steak with over easy eggs, hash browns, toast with butter and jelly, milk, and juice.
Although this chance is rare, we’d wish to provide you with the prospect to order your final meal. regardless of what the scenario is, choose a number of the subsequent options to make your ideal final meal. Your choices will allow us to predict the age you’ll live to!


Pick some carbs to add on to your entree!

How about a kind of salad before the main dish?

Which soup would you love to have?

What kind of bread would you like?

Choose a drink to cleanse your palette!

What kind of vegetables do you want on the dish?

It's your last meal, so let's go big! Pick a dessert you love.

End off the meal with one last snack!

Pick a unique dessert you'd like to try!

Pick a dish that you would share with your loved ones!

Pick a drink to start the meal off right!

Pick a protein to center your entree around with!

What sauce would you pair with the protein?

You should get takeout to fill any space left in your tummy!

Choose an appetizer you want to have!

Pick Your Last Meal And We’ll Tell You What Age You Will Live To
You got: 85 Years Old!
We think you'll live up to 85 years old!
You got: 101 Years Old!
We think you'll live up to 101 years old!
You got: You’re Immortal!
We don't know how you're going to take this, but we need to tell you that you're never going to die!
You got: 90 Years Old!
We think you'll live up to 90 years old!

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