Plan A Dinner Party And We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

There are many ingredients that structure a successful banquet . Deciding what goes into the menu and the way to form the evening fun and entertaining for guests require many getting to be made beforehand . we will determine if you’re married, single, during a relationship, divorced, or something else entirely supported the choices you create while planning a banquet . Whether this gathering is for your friends, family, or maybe your co-workers, it says much about your personality and also about how you reside your life.
Your relationship status will determine how you treat your guests and what your motivations are for organizing a banquet within the first place. it’d also reveal some things about your personality you didn’t know before.
If you’d like us to work out your relationship status then take this quiz, answer the questions contain within and we’ll take a crack at it.


Will children be present at this dinner?

What will you serve as the main course at this dinner?

What will you serve for dessert at your dinner?

Select a venue for your dinner party.

How do you know your guests?

At what time will you expect all of your guests to have left by?

Will you be serving appetizers?

How many guests will you be inviting to dinner?

Will your guests be expected to bring anything?

How will your dinner guests be seated?

What type of music will you have at your dinner party?

Who will do the cooking at your dinner party?

Will there be a theme for this dinner party?

What percentage of the meal will be vegetarian or vegan options?

Will alcohol be served at your dinner?

Plan A Dinner Party And We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status
You got: Single!

Based on your answers, we are quite certain you are single.
You got: In Love!

Based on your answers, you are hopelessly in love with your partner.
You got: It's Complicated!

You are in a rather complicated relationship at the moment and can't quite put a label to it. You're “with” someone, but you're not with him or her in the fully committed fashion.

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