Plan For An Apocalypse And We’ll Tell You How Long You Would Survive

During our lifetime, we’d get to experience the apocalypse. While the particular event itself won’t be very enjoyable for us, imagine how calm are going to be to possess the chance to inform people we were alive during such a historic event. While it’s not clear how we’ll be ready to let future generations realize our experience since all sentient life within the universe could be exhausted , but still!
Be it from nuclear war, less radioactive war, disease, zombies, aliens or monsters, our planet is vulnerable. Sometimes we tend to think that the planet as we all know it’ll never change drastically again since the meteor that took out the dinosaurs, but it’s definitely possible. the sole remaining question is whether or not you’ll be ready for it when the time comes.
Take this quiz on how you’ll steel oneself against the apocalypse and respond in apocalypse-related scenarios. we’ll assess your survival skills and knowledge, and tell you ways long you’d last once things start to urge really hairy out there.


A person in your group has grown ill and weak, and is slowing down the rest of your group. What do you do?

What kind of weapons would you bring with you during the apocalypse?

SCENARIO: You are with John Goodman and one other person in a bomb shelter. You start to notice that Goodman might not have your best interests at heart. How do you handle the situation?

You are sitting safely in your bomb shelter and hear someone outside asking for help. Do you let them into your bomb shelter?

Several flying saucers are positioned above major cities across the globe. Where would you choose to go?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are heading in your direction. They don't look friendly. What do you do?

A group of aliens has enslaved your home town. They ask you and other local residents to take them to your leaders. How would you respond?

It has started raining frogs, locusts are gathering all around, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is running amok in New York City. What do you do?

Would you feel safer in a group or on your own when trying to survive the apocalypse?

What kind of foods would you stockpile in preparation for the apocalypse?

You receive a text message on your phone that inbound missiles are being sent from your home country's enemy. How do you handle the situation?

You only have room for 4 of the 5 items listed below. Select the item you would choose to NOT pack in your first aid supplies.

The city you live in is being evacuated. How do you handle the situation?

The dead are becoming re-animated and attacking the living. How would you choose to handle the situation?

Where do you feel is the safest place for you to be during the apocalypse?

Plan For An Apocalypse And We’ll Tell You How Long You Would Survive
You'd last a full lifespan!
Congratulations! Should an apocalypse occur, you will be fully prepared. An apocalypse won't get you but old age eventually will, as it does for all of us (or so the immortals want us to believe, anyway).
You'd die almost instantly!
You wouldn't last 5 minutes after the start of the apocalypse. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't happen for awhile.

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