Rate These Wedding Cakes And We’ll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like

The wedding cake takes centerstage at the event, as cutting it together is that the newlywed’s first joint task as husband and wife. Therefore, picking the proper one is very important and equally stressful. to stay you calm, here are some helpful tips to finding the right wedding cake!
You may think to order a cake supported just a given description, but you ought to book a tasting. this is often not just to undertake the cake, but also to create an honest rapport with the bakery and obtain them genuinely excited for your wedding. Choosing the cake should be one among the previous couple of things on your list. you ought to have already confirmed the theme of the marriage and your outfits before choosing an appropriate bridecake . Obviously, you would like to stay in mind the amount of wedding guests too, to work out the dimensions of the cake.
In this quiz, we’ll present you with different sorts of wedding cakes for your viewing pleasure. Tell us what you think that of them and we’ll tell you the type of guy you’ll be during a relationship with next!

Do you like this blue marble wedding cake topped with flowers and subtle gold flecks?

How do you find this delicate, minty-blue cake with a unique touch on top?

Finally, what are your thoughts on this woodland wedding cake, brought to life by a pair of whimsical hummingbirds?

How do you like this luxe wedding cake, with stunning bright florals against the classic white exterior?

What do you think of this three-tiered fondant cake accented with metallic details and adorned with flowers?

What do you think about this travel-inspired cake, which is perfect for a destination wedding?

Do you appreciate this neat, geometric design on a wedding cake?

How do you feel about this rocky mountain themed cake?

What do you think of having this all-black textured cake for a gothic wedding?

How about your thoughts on this pretty purple hydrangea cake?

How do you like this Bohemian cake, centered around the sea?

How do you feel about going back to a classic wedding cake with a cascade of sugar flowers?

What do you think of this multicolor cake that depicts each stage of a relationship beautifully?

What do you think of this cake when the bride and groom can't decide on one flavor?

What do you think about this cake that is perfect for an autumn wedding?

Rate These Wedding Cakes And We’ll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like
You got: The Romantic!
Your next boyfriend is everything you want in a guy. He doesn't seem to have any flaws. He is as patient, sweet, and caring as someone can be, not to mention he loves doing romantic things to make you happy.
You got: The Geek!
Your next boyfriend knows the ins and outs of technology, always updating his gadgets to the latest versions and making sure to help you along the way too. He has quirky habits that you actually find endearing.
You got: The Hipster!
Your next boyfriend is on top of cool things before they become mainstream. As you visit the latest cafe or watch the new indie movie together, people assume you're as cool as your man. He helps you update your wardrobe by picking out interesting items too.
You got: The Athlete!
Your next boyfriend is focused on being healthy but doesn't freak out about it. His journey of keeping fit is incredible and he keeps you active too. He also knows where to get the best food with fewer calories that don't skimp on taste.
You got: The Comedian!
Your next boyfriend is one that has you in stitches most of the time. He has the best jokes and can lift your mood almost instantly, especially when you're having a bad day. Don't be mistaken, he knows when to be serious too.
You got: The Bad Boy!
Your next boyfriend has the eyes of all the ladies on him. But he's yours. This ruggedly handsome and instinctively cool guy might be a risk to commit to, but when you peel back his emotional layers, you can see how great of a guy he really is.