Say “Yum” Or “Yuck” To These Seafood Dishes And We’ll Reveal How Picky You Are

There are two sorts of people within the world — people who love seafood and people who think that seafood may be a bit unnecessary. Seafood fans appreciate the flavour of the ocean , and know that there are few things in life that taste as divine on your tongue as an expertly prepared lobster, a platter of grilled shrimps or a plate of freshly cooked salmon. Some picky eaters find that fish, oysters, and seafood generally are disgusting, and won’t eat anything unless it’s grown ashore .
Which camp of diners does one belong to? Are you the type who enjoy the succulence and flavor of meat from the ocean? does one find that the feel of seafood is slippery and revolting? Just how picky of an eater are you? Choose the seafood dishes that you simply would say yes or no to, and we’ll reveal the reality by the top of this quiz!


Would you say "yum" or "yuck" to crab cakes?

Is fried shrimp yummy or yucky?

Clam chowder - yum or yuck?

Is the Japanese unagi (eel) don your kind of meal?

Would you say "yay" to the Thai tom yum soup?

How about seafood gumbo?

Does this seafood pasta thrill your palate?

Lobster roll?

Baked salmon?

Are you feeling this seafood pizza?

Are you into these steamed clams?

Here's a lobster bisque — will you try it?

How about grilled halibut?

Would you say "yum" or "yuck" to fish and chips?

Are you liking this seafood bouillabaisse?

Say “Yum” Or “Yuck” To These Seafood Dishes And We’ll Reveal How Picky You Are
You're Not Picky At All!

You like most of the seafood dishes in this quiz! You don't shy away from trying new food, and most of the time, you're content with whatever's set in front of you.
You're A Picky Eater!

Yea, you like what you like, and that's FINE. When you go to a new restaurant, you rarely look through the menu and usually order chicken fingers.

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