Everyone Is A Combo Of One Marvel And One Pixar Character — Who Are You?

When Marvel was acquired by Disney, it joined previous acquisition, Pixar, within the Disney family. Ever since then, moviegoers are dreaming of possible crossover situations. This was fueled further when the chief creative officer of Pixar hinted at a possible collaboration between the 2 entities. What could that partnership be?
The Avengers has been an enormous hit with the overall movie audience. So a clear tie-in would be with superhero family, The Incredibles! are you able to imagine a face-off between Scarlet Witch and Violet? What about an Ant-Man movie, where he shrinks and catches up with the crew from A Bug’s Life? we might wish to see Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc. attempt to scare a young Peter Parker!
In this quiz, answer some questions on your Marvel, Pixar, and personality-based preferences. Your opinions will determine which combination of Marvel and Pixar characters you’re most like!


Which vehicle from the MCU would you like to travel in?

Which Pixar character do you wish you could meet in real life?

Which quote said by a Marvel character do you relate to the most?

Which is your favorite Pixar movie?

Which Pixar villain do you hate the most?

Which superpower would you like to possess?

What do you like to do during the weekends?

What is one food you wish you could eat every day for the rest of your life?

Which is your favorite Marvel movie that is NOT in the MCU?

Pick something to snack on at Disneyland!

Which Marvel team do you want to be a part of?

Which quality would you want to develop in yourself?

Pick a quote from a Pixar movie to live by!

Which member of The Incredibles are you most like?

What is your one party essential?

Everyone Is A Combo Of One Marvel And One Pixar Character — Who Are You?
You got: Captain America & Woody!
Your key to life is integrity - you don't believe in living a life where you aren't as honest as you can be. Your honesty may not have been well-received sometimes, so you end up keeping your thoughts to yourself and being called reserved. You're quite serious too, choosing to shut out any distraction and focusing on the task at hand. You're always prepared, even for the unlikeliest situation, something people appreciate having you around for.
You got: Captain Marvel & Dory!
You're quite the enthusiastic individual, saying yes to any opportunity that comes your way. Your impulsive and spontaneous nature is loved by your friends but hated by your colleagues who can't hold you down. But due to your understanding trait, you ensure your work is done before being your true self. You're full of energy and that is infectious to anyone in your environment.
You got: Thor & Sulley!
You're one of the most genuine people anyone could ever come by. You don't read too much into things and take them as they are presented to you, which may be why you are too trusting of people who probably don't deserve it. You make decisions purely based on what you believe and the traditions you value. You are so caring and believe in openly displaying your affection for someone. In the same way, you are open in showing your displeasure about something.
You got: Spider-Man & Wall-E!
You're idealistic, dreaming of exploring the world beyond what you know of it. You're dedicated, especially to this dream. Your curiosity dictates your actions and commitments. You're loyal to those who put their trust in you and you want to make their lives so much better. You may seem laid-back, but you're always thinking of your next step, especially if your position is threatened.

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