Everyone Has A Batman Villain That Matches Their Personality — Who Are You?

Batman has taken on all kinds of challengers throughout the course of his career. a number of the foremost evil, heinous, and dastardly criminals in history have worked their way through the underbelly of Gotham City and ended up duking it out with Bruce Wayne’s superhero friend . With all of these bad guys under his belt, the caped crusader has fought nearly all kinds of evil-doer there ever has been.
For all the various villains that Batman has ever battled, you presumably share an identical personality with a minimum of one among them. Perhaps you’re very similar to one among the dark knight’s more well-known nemeses, otherwise you might be more closely associated with a lesser-known foe, possibly from the comic books.
To find out which specific Batman villain you’re most almost like , take this quiz, and that we will allow you to know which Batman enemy is far such as you .


What did you think of Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman?

What would be your main objective as a supervillain?

Where would your evil lair or headquarters be located?

In your opinion, should a supervillain have superpowers or just be super devious?

Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team?

Which do you prefer: comic books, movies, or TV shows?

What weapon would you choose to use if you were a supervillain?

Is revenge a motivating factor for you?

In your opinion, is it possible for movie sequels and/or remakes to be better than the original?

What would be your strategy when confronting your archenemy, Batman?

How important is financial success to you?

What would be your best quality if you were a supervillain?

Would you choose to deceive the public into thinking you are actually a good person?

Would you want to do your own fighting or have someone fight your battles for you?

Who is your favorite actor out of those listed below?

Everyone Has A Batman Villain That Matches Their Personality — Who Are You?
You got: The Riddler!

Based on your answers, you believe yourself to be intellectually superior to your foes, just like the Riddler!
You got: Penguin!

Based on your answers, you are much like the diabolical Penguin.
You got: Joker!

Based on your answers, you are a deranged and diabolical villain, just like the Joker.

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