Everyone Is A Combo Of One Disney And One Marvel Character — Here’s Yours

Ever since the entertainment giant Disney bought over the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its subsidiaries, fans are eagerly awaiting moments where the 2 franchises crossover, be it characters, storylines, or maybe hidden moments that only the most important fans can identify. There have already got been such moments, a number of which you’ll have missed.
If you watched Incredibles 2 and Iron Man 3, you’ll have noticed that the ways during which the villains are portrayed are similar. Both the Screenslaver and therefore the Mandarin were employed by truth villains, Evelyn Deavor and Aldrich Killian respectively, to mask their dirty deeds. In an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the trucker named Agent Mack was a nod to the truck named Mack within the Cars franchise!
In this quiz, answer questions on both the aforementioned fictional realms. Your opinions will help to work out which Disney and Marvel characters you’re a mixture of!


Which Marvel villain could be in a Disney film?

Which Marvel city do you want to visit?

Which Disney animal has a place in your heart?

Which Disney villain should Marvel heroes take on?

Which of these Disney shows were you obsessed with?

Choose an animal dressed as a Marvel character!

Which Marvel movie captivated you?

Which Marvel TV show are you a fan of?

Which MCU sidekick would you want by your side?

Choose a Disney city to live in!

Pick an actor who has been in a Disney movie and in the MCU!

Pick a memorable food scene from the MCU!

Which Disney dish do you actually want a taste of?

Which is your favorite live-action Disney film?

Pick a superhero from Disney!

Everyone Is A Combo Of One Disney And One Marvel Character — Here’s Yours
You got: Merida and Black Widow!

You are headstrong, which proves to be a good trait as you find success in most things you do. You don't like to be pushed into doing something or being someone you're not comfortable with. You have the tendency to act before thinking carefully, so remember to think twice before you make important decisions, as they may backfire on you.
You got: Maleficent and Hela!

You may be cold towards the majority of people you know, but that is only because you find it hard to trust people. But once you get close to someone, you are very caring and protective to the select few. You adopt more masculine traits believing that this would present yourself as strong. But don't forget that you can be feminine and empowered at the same time too.
You got: Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man!

You're naturally a heroic person, being fiercely loyal and selfless in all your actions. You're very protective of those you love and you'd do anything for them, no matter how daunting. There are a lot of people around you because of how friendly, caring and kind you are. You're incredibly humorous and witty too.

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