Everyone Has A Planet From The Marvel Cinematic Universe They Belong In — Here’s Yours

There are seemingly a vast amount of planets within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every Marvel planet has been carefully created and every has its own unique culture, inhabitants, and way of life. likelihood is that you’d slot in better on an alien planet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe than you are doing on Earth. If you’ve got ever felt as if you don’t quite feel reception on this globe, it’s possible you belong to a completely different world altogether.
Many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe only determine later in their lives that their family lineage actually extends beyond the borders of Earth. a bit like these Marvel characters, perhaps you’ll determine an equivalent thing once you’re taking this quiz.
Do you belong with the Asgardians or will you discover comfort on the desolate Volmir? Start the quiz and we’ll tell you exactly which planet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you ought to call home.


What is your ideal type of vacation?

What makes someone a good neighbor?

Would you prefer to live on a planet with just one dominant species or multiple dominant species?

Do you prefer to live in wide open rural areas or crowded urban areas?

In your opinion, should a planet have multiple leaders? Or should one person serve as supreme leader?

What kind of weather do you prefer?

Is living on a planet with games and recreation particularly important to you?

Would you prefer to live on a planet which has stored Infinity Stones in the past? Or would you prefer to stay away from such areas?

When moving to a new planet/city/realm, what is it which makes you feel most at home?

In your opinion, what is the role of government?

In your opinion, is it ever justified to kill half of all life on a planet so that the other half can live without suffering from starvation or lack of resources?

Is it important for you to live on a planet that takes care of its environment?

Would you prefer to live on a planet with other human-like creatures? Or a planet where most of the population is non-human?

In your opinion, what makes a planet/city/realm a good place to live?

Of the answers listed below, select which Earth location you would prefer to live.

Everyone Has A Planet From The Marvel Cinematic Universe They Belong In — Here’s Yours
You got: Planet X!

Just like Groot, you would fit in perfectly on Planet X. Different beings come from Planet X as well, such as the Skrulls but it is perhaps most famous for the Flora colossus species which inhabits it. These tree-like species seem to share a personality with you.
You got: Sakaar!

Anything that gets thrown out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends up in Sakaar. Hulk was banished there after the Battle of Sokovia. Thor and Loki both ended up there after they were banished by Hela. It's also where the Grandmaster resides.

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