Everyone Is A Combo Of Three Marvel Characters — Here’s Yours

The current batch of superheroes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t play their roles forever, especially after the events in Avengers: Infinity War. So if you’ll recast Marvel heroes, what would you do? Here are our thoughts!
The first one is a smaller amount our idea and more an actual rumor, that the web wants to ascertain John Cena cast as Captain America. Even the wrestler himself wishes that to happen. He does have the clean-cut image the hero represents, so could this be a possibility? Miles Morales might not be within the MCU yet, but he did have his turn because the titular character within the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If he ever found his way into the live-action movies, we feel he should be played by Donald Glover. which will be a touch difficult, however, as long as the actor already played Miles’ uncle in Spider-Man: Homecoming; did you catch that?
In this quiz, we’ll decipher your taste and preferences and reveal the mixture of three Marvel characters that your personality lines up with. Are you a Groot, Iron Man, and Thanos combo or a Rocket, Captain America, and Deadpool mashup? Let’s find out!


Which area would you like to protect?

Choose an unusual superpower to possess!

Which decade would you have liked to live in?

Which designer will help you make your hypothetical superhero costume?

Choose an animal to be your sidekick!

Which place in the MCU would you like to live in?

Finally, which DC hero would you most want to pit yourself against?

Pick the best vintage representation of a superhero!

Which color would your costume mainly be?

Which kind of organization would you primarily donate to?

Which beloved Marvel Comics character do you want to see on the big screen?

Which Marvel villain will be your greatest foe?

Pick a TV show about superheroes!

Which home would you find solace in?

Which would be your weapon of choice during battle?

Everyone Is A Combo Of Three Marvel Characters — Here’s Yours
You got: Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Falcon!
You're a curious person who keeps thinking of ways to better yourself and your life. You let your gut feelings lead your way. You are very devoted to the causes you believe in and to the people who have earned your trust. You want to make the world a better place for all the people you love.
You got: Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, and Deadpool!
You're so clever, sometimes too clever, for your own good. That's because you can get arrogant about how much you know. However, you do know a lot, which you use to find innovative ways to solve problems. You like doing new things or the same old things in new ways. You truly believe there's nothing you can't do. Pair this confidence with your unmatched sense of humor and you find yourself being incredibly popular.
You got: Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Vision!
You're naturally quite serious - you don't like goofing around until all the tasks that you need to do are done. Not just done, but done thoroughly well. You know how to tune out any distraction until you have achieved this. This is why people see you as dependable. You also know how to make tough decisions. This, and your ability to understand different situations accurately, is why people come to you when they need advice.

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