Everyone Is A Combo Of Three Pixar Characters — Who Are You?

When watching a Pixar movie, many folks become emotionally invested. We laugh and cry along side the characters, who are created with extremely relatable human-like qualities and problems.
The opening scene of Up turned many folks into an emotional wreck. The montage of Carl and Ellie’s loving relationship that extended until its tragic ending would have struck a chord with anyone who has ever lost a beloved . When Andy gave away his toys in Toy Story 3, it had been #relatable. Andy had grown up, even as the youngsters who grew up watching the primary two films had by the time they were watching the third one. If you’re a dad or on the brink of your dad, you almost certainly bawled when Sulley left Boo in Monsters, Inc. He protected and cared for the girl like his own daughter despite the unlikely circumstances.
In this quiz, allow us to analyze your personality supported the Pixar-related choices you create . Your opinions will determine which three Pixar characters you’re a mixture of!


Pick the Super, whose powers you'd want, from The Incredibles!

Pick a Pixar cameo crossover!

Pick the cutest creature from Finding Nemo!

Pick the least scary monster from Monsters, Inc.!

Pick from some cute Pixar kids!

Pick a Pixar moment that broke your heart!

Pick a dish featured in Ratatouille!

Pick a Pixar sequel!

Pick a toy you'd buy from Toy Story!

Pick the car you wish you could drive from Cars and the sequels!

Pick a funny Pixar character!

Pick some Pixar merch you'd want to own!

Pick your favorite Pixar father figure!

Pick a surprising Pixar voice actor!

Finally, pick the best Pixar protagonist!

Everyone Is A Combo Of Three Pixar Characters — Who Are You?
You got: WALL-E, Russell, and Buzz Lightyear!
Your innocence may be seen by others as a disadvantage, but that is what makes you stand out. You don't let technicalities and insecurities stop you from doing what is right.
You got: Lightning McQueen, Edna Mode, and Remy!
You have a strong personality that is usually perceived as arrogance. But when someone makes the effort to peel back all those layers, they realize that you truly don't have any ill-intentions. You believe in yourself and are open about it.
You got: Dory, Boo, and Rex!
You may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn't mean you're useless. You have certain unique abilities that you use to benefit others since you rarely put yourself first.
You got: Mr. Potato Head, Mr. Incredible, and Nemo!
You never get to be the center of attention, but you don't mind it. You follow your heart when making decisions and you're usually right. You sometimes wish people appreciated you more, but you don't let that get you down.

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