Would You Make A Good World Leader? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Ever wonder what it might be like if you had all the facility within the world? you would possibly make a superb world leader, the sort who looks out for the well-being of the people and goes down in history among the foremost respected and revered leaders of all time. On the opposite hand, you would possibly be a terrible or cruel world leader, the type of leader who only looks out for himself and doesn’t care about others or the well-being of the people and land he governs.
We can actually determine what quite world leader you’ll be supported your answers to the present quiz. albeit you think that you’d make an honest or bad leader, your answers may indicate otherwise. Power has the power to vary people, you see. If you’d wish to determine exactly what kind of world leader you’d be if given the chance then you’ll want to require this quiz, answer the questions contained within, and that we will allow you to know the result .


A horrible natural disaster has occurred in your country during a time you normally spend on vacation. Do you still go on vacation?

Would you ever go to war with a country that has yet to attack you first?

Aliens have landed in your country. Do you attempt to communicate with them or attack?

How would you handle the wealth in your country?

If you were a world leader, what would your governing style be?

As your rule comes to an end, how would you want your successor to be chosen?

How would you deal with your citizens speaking out against aspects of your rule?

Select the area you would choose to invest the most into out of the options listed below.

Would you invest in security to protect you from those who wish to overthrow you?

Would you hold democratic elections or hold onto your power at all costs?

Out of the options below, who would you most want to model your leadership style after?

An advisor tells you that your people are all out of bread, how do you respond?

Would you invest in training Olympic athletes or put that money to some other use?

Would you take part in international efforts to tackle global problems or focus only on the well-being of the people in your country?

Why would you want to become a world leader in the first place?

Would You Make A Good World Leader? Take This Quiz To Find Out
You'd Be A Terrible World Leader!

Based on your answers, we believe you would make a terrible world leader.
You'd Be An Excellent World Leader!

Based on your answers, we believe you would make an excellent world leader.
You'd Be Immediately Assassinated!

Based on your answers, we believe you would be immediately assassinated if you became a world leader.

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