This “Would You Rather” Quiz Will Determine Your True Age

There are differences between folks that are born and get older during different periods of your time . Although there could also be some general traits that folks of an equivalent generation share, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you simply will have a personality in common with those whom you’re closer in age with.
We can determine your true age supported how you answer the “would you rather” questions found within this quiz. are often “> this is often no easy task and lots of of the questions can be quite tough to answer, but certain aspects of your personality, your ideals, and evidence of how you were raised comes through in your choices to those questions.
Perhaps your true age is different from your biological age which too will begin in your answers to those questions. If you’d wish to determine what your true age is then you’ll want to require this quiz, and that we will reveal it supported your answer selections.


Would you rather never use social media again or never be able to call someone on the phone again?

Would you rather live in a hot or cold climate?

Would you rather go to the original Woodstock or next year's Coachella?

Would you rather spend money on experiences (i.e. a vacation, a night out) or on material possessions?

Would you rather give or receive presents?

Would you rather go see a movie with friends or with family?

Would you rather go see the latest Star Wars movie or the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Would you rather go to bed and wake up early or stay up late and sleep in?

Would you rather work at a job you hate but be able to retire at 55 or a job you love but retire at 65?

Would you rather be blissfully ignorant or know the whole awful truth?

Would you rather go to the library or stay home and watch TV?

Would you rather attend a small gathering or a large party?

Would you rather eat a poor-tasting but healthy meal or junk food?

Would you rather be able to fly or be able to read minds?

Would you rather be running late or have to wait for someone else who is?

This “Would You Rather” Quiz Will Determine Your True Age
You got: 30s!

Based on your answers, we believe your true age range to be your 30s.
You got: Senior Citizen!

Based on your answers, we believe your true age range is as a senior citizen.

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